Survive: Both players try to eliminate the other.

Capture the Flag: One player becomes the “defender” who is trying to keep the “attacker” from getting to an objective. The tallest piece of terrain should be placed in the center of the play board. The objective (roughly 1 inch in size) should be placed at the top of this piece of the terrain. The defender deploys within 6 inches of the objective. The attacker deploys within 6 inches of any edge of the play board. The attacker wins if they can reach the objective within 6 rounds.

Zombie Defense: Both players work together to try to combat a horde of undead! Set up the board per usual and then pick one “hot spot” where zombies will spawn. At the beginning of the round, four zombies appear at the hot spot. Then, all zombies move three long card edges to the closest unit. Next, if any undead are adjacent to a unit, they flip over a card from deck at random as an attack. If attacked, zombies flip over two cards at random and add them together as their defense. Zombies cannot benefit from Cover. See how many rounds you can survive!