This is a simple campaign meant to utilize a single deck of cards that changes over time. This campaign will likely evolve with time.

Objective: War has been declared between The Red and The Black and it is on you to settle the matter. This campaign consists of a series of "to the death" games with the winner being the first to win three games with at least 2 units remaining. Alternatively, by causing enough casualties. Games are played as normal with the following changes.

Recruitment: Each player has two Named Soldiers, one for each suit of their color (black gets club and spade and red gets diamond and heart). These cards are determined at random at the beginning of the game if a given color does not have both positions filled. In the first game of the campaign, neither player will have any Named Soldiers. To recruit soldiers, flip over cards from the top of the shuffled deck. Once a card has been revealed of the suit missing by a player, they have to recruit the card. They cannot recuit dead soldiers from previous games that have been mixed into the deck. Additionally, they can choose to not recruit any face cards (jack, queen, king) since they represent an additional risk to losing the campaign (see Winning).

Once assigned, all cards should be given a name written at the top, an attribute written at the bottom, and the names of those that would grieve their death at the left (example photo at bottom). These two Named Soldiers should correspond to two units in your force. Make clear which those are. Named Soldier cards may be used as an Activation Card for their printed value. This activation may only be used if it involves the unit the card corresponds to. Additionally, the card may be used to Defend the corresponding unit, again for the cards printed value.

At the end of rounds, named soldiers are not mixed into the deck but instead are given back to the player who should set the card face down to indicate it has been used for the game. At the end of the game all Named Soldiers are given a Medal Icon if they do not already have one (explained in the next section). If the Named Soldier has died in the course of the game, put a line through their name. They are now deceased. Read aloud who will grieve them and add the card to the deck. They cannot be recruited again. If they lived, leave them at the top of the deck for the next game.

Medal Icon: A Medal Icon should be added underneath the top left hand symbol on the card. This can be a simple upside-down triangle attached to a circle (see photo at bottom). Any card with a Medal Icon can be played either at its face value or at a +1 bonus. This bonus applies to both living Named Soldier cards as well as deceased soldiers in the deck. This bonus can be only taken by the player of the same color. As an example, a 7 of clubs with a medal from the deck or as a Named Soldier can be played by the black player as an 8 into The Sight. The red player could not take this bonus. When playing a card in this manner, turn it 90 degrees relative to the other cards in the sight as reminder.

Winning: If a player eliminates all opposing units and still has at least 2 units of their own remaining, they have dealt a decisive blow. The winner gets to pick a single face card of the opposing color, put an X through the face, add a Medal Icon to it, and return it to the deck. Once a player receives their third loss in this way, they have loss their campaign. Their country has been lost.